Stress Management with Psychological Flexibility

Stress Management with Psychological Flexibility

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Steven C Hayes, Ph.D. wrote The Most Important Skill Set in Mental Health for Psychology Today and it highlights practical and applicable tools that can be incorporated into your stress management journey. As we go along on this path of stress management aka change management we can see themes forming around mindfulness and personal value awareness. The study highlighted in Hayes’ article analyzed over 54,000 cases to answer one question, “Why does psychotherapy work?” The findings may surprise you. 

  • Pillar 1 Awareness
  • Pillar 2 Openness
  • Pillar 3 Valued Engagement

The main revelation is a focus on psychological flexibility in which Hayes talks about three pillars that are actual skill sets that one can develop through focus and practice. Hayes states, “The most common pathway of change was your psychological flexibility and mindfulness skills.”

He then proceeds to break down the three pillars:

The full article is available for your reading pleasure.

The Most Important Skill Set in Mental Health

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