Redirect Your Focus away from Lizzo

Redirect Your Focus away from Lizzo

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Recently a comedian has been under fire for making hurtful comments toward the artist Lizzo about her weight. Aries Spears in an attempt to be funny mocks Lizzo about her weight and her looks. He also goes on to say that he can get away with being a big dude and women cannot. He then attempts to pivot in a spectacular show of hypocrisy that instead of supporting her expressions of confidence women should be pointing out potential health issues linked with obesity. Sir! What are you doing?

I really wanted to take this opportunity to point out that we as a people, as a nation should be less focused on individuals and more on the industry that’s putting crappy overprocessed foods on the shelves. They are appealing to our need for convenience. They are using science and psychology to influence us to buy these crappy foods. And let's face it, who doesn’t love a good sweet or salty snack or fast food that we can grab for the sake of convenience? 

We are in an environment that cares less about population health and more about how long can they preserve a food item and how much of it they can sell to us. Our childhood obesity rates are on the rise, and guess what, obese children become obese adults. There are multiple contributing factors that affect this rise such as level of activity, access to healthy foods, socioeconomic factors, and lack of nutrition education to name a few. 

We want it easy and the powers that be are more than happy to provide the easy quick food fix to us in the form of overly processed foods. If childhood obesity is a problem at about 17%, imagine the impact of adult obesity at about 41%. But people want to focus on an individual who ironically is trying to live her best life by working on eating healthy, staying active more than most, myself included, and working on maintaining a healthy confident mindset. All of those things are a part of promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Meanwhile, we want to critique obese people while shying away from real issues in which we can actually be impactful. As a society, we lack accountability and do not want to engage in the real work of preventative care and taking to task the corporations that have diminished our food quality, leaving us with easy choices that barely provide us with the proper nutrients. 

Man, get out of my face with that mess because this current state will only increase stressful life situations that we have to manage and we will not be properly equipped to handle the consequences. So I want my readers and my listeners to continue to focus on building their stress management tool kit which should include a holistic approach to your daily living in which you address mind, body, and spirit. 

Live lite and stress well. 

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