Forge Your Own Way: The Devil Wears Prada

 Forge Your Own Way: The Devil Wears Prada

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There I was watching The Devil Wears Prade for the millionth time when it dawned on me that at the end of the movie, Andrea Sachs is at the beginning of her journey. The Devil Wears Prada is streaming on Prime and has memorable iconic Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly moments. Sometimes I watch and skip to my favorite parts which always include Miranda being Miranda. This movie came out in 2006 and is a classic for me, mainly due to Maryl Streep's portrayal. There’s also a little intrigue because Miranda is rumored to be loosely based on Vogue editor,  Anna Wintour. 

The Devil Wears Prada follows Andrea Sachs and she steps into the fashion world by becoming assistant to Runway editor, Miranda Priestly. Miranda is shrewd, demanding, and downright mean which causes Andrea to bust her behind to live up to Miranda’s high expectations. As anyone can imagine, as Andrea assimilates into what she once thought was a pretentious fashion world, she ruins her personal life by becoming someone she no longer recognizes. 

This is definitely not an atypical coming-of-age story. It is basic and predictable but still cute. Meryl Steep makes the film; kudos to the casting on that one. What I found interesting was that even though Andrea went through all that she did and learned more about herself as she learned about the fashion world, at the end of the day she still has to forge her own way. 

Andrea’s journey of growth throughout the film is an example of how we can grow through stressful situations in life. Sometimes, even as we are busting out behinds and working super hard to make something work and making accomplishments, it does not necessarily mean we are on the right path or in the space we are supposed to be in. There are times when we have to make our way in one space in preparation for the next. 

This is when it is important to get to know yourself. Know who you are. Know what your values are. Know what you want out of life. Do a vision board. Practice mindfulness. Journal about your goals. Set goals. Reassess goals. Make new goals. Ultimately, we cannot stay still. Staying still is like cancer to not only our physical bodies but our mind and spirit as well. Next time you are pushing through a difficult situation remember that you have to forge your way through it. You can rest and breathe and take life in but then remember to forge on to the next adventure. 

Change and growth are what life is all about. That is what living is all about. No matter how big or small your plans are, they have to be important to you and align with your values. There are times that it may feel like you are starting all over again which can be scary and stressful within itself, but know that like Andrea sometimes your next journey might be the next best thing.



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