Stop Policing How People Deal with Events in Life

Stop Policing How People Deal with Events in Life

Tragedies are happening all over the world at any given point in time. According to Georgetown University’s Bioethics research data, 120 lives are lost every minute. Loss is a part of life. Tragedies are something millions of people have to deal with on a regular basis. Mass casualties are even more taxing on a community. With the growing use of social media and its burgeoning worldwide popularity, we are able to connect even more when tragedy strikes. More than that, we are able to imagine ourselves in those dire situations. Sometimes social media, with the aid of the mainstream media, serves to lengthen our exposure. 

However, It seems that with this comes criticism of how people choose to deal with the pain or the difficulties of various tragic situations. This is primarily a social media phenomenon in which people will criticize what another person is posting about. Can we stop it? People are allowed to deal with and manage tragedies in the way that works best for them. If they want to focus on silly shows or celebrity news or any lighthearted thing that can be a distraction at times, why shouldn’t they? 

We may never truly know the reach of an act of
kindness or the mark that it leaves on a life. - Topaz

A person should not have to risk condemnation when they are engaging or sharing whatever pastime causes them relief. In all honesty, even if it is an inappropriate reaction- so what? Maybe, they are not emotionally or mentally prepared to face the issue. At the end of the day, is it really anyone’s place to censure someone else on social media? It absolutely is not. If you are friends with said person, be there for them instead. Be a source of support. Be available to share a listening ear. 

We are so quick to pass judgment when someone does not behave as we would or as we think they should. No one knows where someone’s emotional state may be. No one really knows how people cope with tragedy or bad news. Their frivolity might just be their momentary escape and here we are passing judgment on them. I have been in that place where I got judged and talked about because I didn’t react the way people thought I should react to a situation because of what they saw on the surface, meanwhile I was barely holding it together. It is not a good place to be.

Healing can be very lonely especially if we do not even know what the heck we are doing or where to begin. Instead of passing judgment on someone you may or may not know little off, pause and work on yourself and practice kindness. Be a source of stress relief for those around you and for yourself. Adding negativity and judgment to an already difficult situation will not make it better for anyone involved.


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