Journal Prompt: Healing vs Bullying

Journal Prompt: Healing vs Bullying

When do you stop being bullied by your parents? So I am watching Sweet Magnolias and a particular mother is rude and overbearing with her daughter. Her daughter is now a grown woman and her mother is still trying to bully her into doing what she thinks is best. 

There are instances in my past where I have felt pressured to make certain choices and in some instances I resented it and in others, I have thanked God for my mother’s foresight. As a parent now, I find myself not always giving direction but sometimes being forceful. It is difficult not to get into “mommy mode” and ruin the vibe. I find myself teeter-tottering on being helpful and just being annoying. However, bullying instead of teaching and nurturing is not the message a parent should send out. 

Was there ever a time, you felt bullied by your parent/s? Was it a one-time thing or was the entire relationship that dynamic? I would like to think that we can learn and grow from the tough relationship in our past. I hope that we have grown mature enough to realize that this negative relationship dynamic is not healthy for us and we have to change it. Whether it is a parent, friend, family, loved one, etc. we, as adults, should not allow ourselves to be bullied into anything, and we must be mindful that we are not the perpetrators of such bullying ourselves. 

Remember, “inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” We have to create a space in which we can be free of negative influences and be mindful of how we react to them.  

Journal Prompt: Think of bullying situations in your life and how you have grown from them whether you were the one being bullied or the one doing the bullying? Do you still have work to do?


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