Every Day is New Day

 Every day is a New Day

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Every day is a new day to make a difference. Before we can make a difference outward, we have to make a difference inward. Personally, I want to start with making a small difference in my life since the past few months have found me in a funny place that I cannot really describe. Can you be impactful to those around you if you personally feel out of sorts? That unnamed feeling can unknowingly increase one’s stress level. The goal is to get ahead of it and address it. 

When there is an unknown variable in life, we do not have any clue on how to handle it. Even worse we do not really understand the impact it is having on our lives. We just feel off. Have you experienced feeling off? How do you solve this problem? How do you get past this and start feeling like yourself? 

Start off with acknowledging that something is indeed off. I used to want- need, really, to have a name for this feeling of unease and unrest, but now I am comfortable with simply feeling it and knowing that it is there. I take it as a sign that my being is alerting me before things get worse. One thing I implore people to do is to listen to their bodies and, yes, that means mentally as well. This is not a gut instinct thing which I advocate we listen to as well but instead an overall sense of discomfort in one’s skin or place in the world. It is ok. 

I tell myself it is okay so as not to increase my stress levels by thinking it’s abnormal. I tell myself it is okay to give me an opportunity to step away from it and acknowledge it. I want to allow myself the opportunity to simmer on it and decide what I need to do about it. What interventions do I need to activate in order to address these feelings? My go-to is always to first stop and breathe. Practice some deep breathing exercises, play some relaxing music or meditation music and try to be mindful of what is happening in my life. 

It is time to pause. The biggest mistake we can make is to push on like nothing is happening when what we need to do is stop and listen. I remind myself that, I have the opportunity every day to change the course of my life, to make an impact that will shift my mindset and get me on the right track. It does not even have to be a big intervention. As long as I start somewhere and practice it daily or in regular intervals until the feeling just flows away. Do not be afraid of the ebb and flow of our feelings, sometimes we just have to ride it out and remember that every day is a new day to make a difference. 

In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget the joy of just being. - Eckart Tolle

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