Root for yourself

We  Don't root for ourselves enough. Most people spend a lot of time in their heads, talking negatively to themselves. We need to spend more time hyping ourselves up. When those negative thoughts sneak in we need to banish them immediately. When we think of all the ways that we can't do something or all the reasons why we are not worthy of something we need to stop those thoughts in their tracks. We need to flip them upside down and turned them into motivating thoughts, positive affirming thoughts. 

I always come up with excuses as to why I can not get things done. These excuses are mostly based on procrastination. I am a work in progress with flipping my own thoughts. I have to tell myself that I get things done. I am calculated and cunning with my time. Sometimes, we have to stop and also remind ourselves of the things that we have accomplished. Remind ourselves that we wake up every day and push. That in itself is worth a little self-promotion. 

So go ahead and root for yourself. Shout yourself out. Love yourself!


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