Love By Accident Review

 Love By Accident

Love By Accident takes place in a small town with very simple, loving people. It focuses on a young woman named Daphne, played by Getenesh Berhe, traveling with her godmother, Fran, to spread her husband’s ashes before she dies herself. Fran has terminal cancer. Daphne on the other hand does not drive due to childhood trauma. Their car ends up breaking down in this quaint little town and of course, the town mechanic, Mathew, played by Henderson Wade, comes to the rescue. 

This is a Harlequin romance on UPtv. It was available for free on Amazon Prime but I think they have since made it available via subscription. I enjoyed this movie. It is a clean, wholesome love story with a positive message. The people of the town are a little quirky which makes it all the more endearing. It was nice to see a majority black cast just living their lives without any overt stereotypes. Mathew and his father did provide some additional drama as they attempted to work through some father issues which pulled Daphne more into his life. 

Fran, although a supporting character, was the cutest and most stubborn lady that reminded me of my own family members. All she wanted was for her goddaughter to find some happiness and she did everything she could to see it through. One of my favorite things is the Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice references because well, you know, Jane Austen. Again, if you want a nice movie to watch, this one is it. Remember it is based on a Harlequin novel. A predictable story that ultimately ends nicely and I loved that.

Love By Accident C+

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