I Care a Lot Review

 I Care a Lot 

I Care a Lot is currently streaming on Netflix and stars Rosamund Pike, Eiza Gonzelez, Peter Dinklage, and Dianne Wiest as Marla Grayson, Fran, Roman Lunyov, and Jennifer Peterson respectively. It is about a ruthless woman, Marla Grayson, who takes advantage of the elderly by getting assigned as their court-appointed guardian and then basically steals all their money. It is quite the elaborate scheme in which she has a doctor sign off on a patient’s incompetence and dumps then into nursing facilities that are in on it.

Was this a good movie? Yes. Did I like it? Absolutely not. It is not my type of movie. If I have to give it an unbiased rating it would be a solid B+. The acting was on point. The casting was amazing. The set gave a perfect contrast again the dark content of the film. It was colorful, beautiful,  and light and airy as if attempting to make the viewer forget that we are watching something very sinister play out. The pacing was well done also. It gets a B because there were some obvious plot points that drove the film. 

My biased rating is a D. Why? Before getting into spoilers, I am not a fan of drama for drama’s sake. To me, that is what this movie was. The rest of the explanation digs into some spoilers.  


I do not like to see bad guys win. I did not connect with any of the characters except for Jennifer Peterson. These were all bad guys. Roman is a sex trafficking criminal and Marla is an unremorseful thief, hurting the elderly. I wanted to see her get beat but the way it happened was not satisfying, at all. Also, if Roman is supposed to be some sophisticated criminal why could he not have come up with better plans. He really let these two amateurs get the best of him. 

Roman could have started off with threatening, paying off, or even harming the doctor. Then he could have moved on to the nursing home. Heck, he could have purchased the nursing home. There were so many other options, but I understand they had to keep this awful storyline going. In the end, he got bested by Rosamund because he was playing on her turf. 

He learned his lesson and made a deal with Marla. Together, him as the silent partner, they expanded her horrible empire, taking advantage of the elderly all over the country and no one is the wiser. Even her dying at the end missed the mark. The whole thing made my skin crawl. Maybe I should bump it up to a C since I Care a Lot got such a strong reaction out of me and I actually watched it till the end although, I admit, I had to fast-forward through some parts to get through this move. 

B+ because it had all the elements of a good movie but D because I just didn’t like it.

My reaction video is below. I had just finished it.


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