Do Something Different

Do something different. Shake your life up a bit. Our brains are funny little 3 pound masses that can take us for a loop and we are still learning so much about it. As much as I enjoy having a routine in my life because it gives me the illusion of having control, variety is also key for cognitive health. Soomi Lee, PhD, assistant professor in the USF College of Behavior and Community Sciences reports "findings suggest that active and engaged lifestyles with diverse and regular activities are essential for our cognitive health."

I am not a regular baker but I wanted to do something different. I have not baked in quite some time and I probably won't even eat all the cake but it was a fun and different activity to do. So even if you do not do something drastic. Shaking things up even a little bit can help change the trajectory of your thought, attitude and day. 

Article Source: Variety and consistency are essential to keep the mind health

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