Throw me some Shade

Don’t cast a shadow on anyone unless you’re providing shade.” -Terri Guillemets

No tea, no shade is now one of my favorite things to say right before I say something that would be construed as shady. If I am being totally honest, no construing needed. It is just plain old shady. Shade today and shade in this quote clearly do not mean the same. To throw shade is to make a veiled disparaging comment towards someone or about someone or something. At times this comment may be well deserved and most of the time, probably not even warranted. Nevertheless, it is something that most people are guilty of whether it be in jest or with hurtful intent.  

In another sense though, shade is not necessarily negative at all. This shade can be where one goes for protection against the harshness that comes at us. When I think of shade, I think of someplace I can go for some rest. Do not throw shadows of doubt or insecurity or fear my way. Instead, give me a safe place in which I can catch my breath and rest my worries. Friends and family, people we can talk to are good sources of some protection shade. 

Support from loved ones, even if all they do is listen, lends a great deal to relieve some stress in our day to day lives. That is the type of shade we need to get through.


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