Shonda Rhimes brings Quinn's Bridgerton to Life

Shonda Rhimes is bringing Julian Quin's Bridgerton series to life on Netflix. I am actually pretty excited about it because I love historical romance novels and used to devour them in my younger years. So when I saw the trailer for this, I ran out and purchase the first book in the series. As you may or may not know it will be the first read of my Read with Me Bookclub post

So I get my book home and realize, that it is kind of familiar. I stroll over to my library and low and behold, I have the mass market edition from many years ago. Naturally, I took the new one right back to the store and got my refund, to spend on another book of course. 

At any rate, the trailer looks interesting and scandalous, to say the least. I can't imagine pairing Shonda Rhimes penchant for drama with a period piece that already has its own set of melodrama written into it. I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I want to finish the first book again before I start watching. So it may be a few weeks but it is going to be a fun wait. Enjoy the official trailer.


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