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I love books! I love the written word. I used to devour them at the rate of one a week. My favorite genre is romance, particularly historical romance. Yes, I would kill a good period-error romance. One day, I will tell you of my introduction to books and how I even wrote a few. I still fancy myself an undiscovered talent. In my mind, I just haven't written the book that has led to my discovery as of yet. 

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Unfortunately, I have fallen off of reading and have been meaning to get back into it. It is one of my most favorite things to do and brings me great pleasure. Whenever you can engage in something so simple that brings you joy, you should. It is a great stress reliever for me and for some reason, I have not been able to get back into it like I wanted to. If I could even read one book a month that would be great. 

My lack of reading though has not stopped me from purchasing books to add to my library. I am happy that I expanded myself to reading more nonfiction too. There was a time when I would not touch a nonfiction book. However I love learning new things, so I will take on a nonfiction book that is of interest. Libby the library app helps me get through them as well. I listen to more nonfiction books but I am proud of myself because, in the past, I would not even do that. 

I reveal all this to ask for assistance. I want you all to be my accountability partners. How? Well, I am going to start a book club and do a live reading once a week. This will help me get over a couple of things. People have been telling me that I should do videos for my reviews. Eeek. I hate doing videos. But I will challenge myself to go live for my readings to get more comfortable. Talk with you all and read a book. Exciting. 

So join my Read With Me Book Club. I plan to read all types of stuff. The first session is on Christmas eve. Probably won't have any takers but I'll be live at 7:30PM.


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