Let those Negative Thoughts go


Affirm: I release every negative thought from yesterday and resolve to be mindful of the good in this moment. 

Let go. When I share these things, it is not because I have the answers or my life is super perfect or even close. I share them because these are the tools that I use not to fall into a cycle of stress and negativity. This is my stress well journey. Sometimes, I have thoughts of not being good enough or not meeting up to even my own expectations that bring my whole vibe down. I cannot allow those thoughts to linger. 

I have to remind myself to let them go and be grateful for the good in my life right now, and there are many. I am fortunate. That does not mean that we are free from negative thoughts or self-doubt. This is a daily practice. There are always things from the past that we can carry forward that if we allow can hold us down. Let go. Breathe. Be. Live beyond those energy drainers.


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