Ava Movie Review

Ava came in hot this week on Netflix and landed at the number one spot at one point. I normally do not do reviews for movies that I do not care for, and it actually takes a lot for me not to like a movie. I am a lover of the arts and I like most movies because I take them for what they are. I will enjoy a good B/C movie just as must as a star-studded high-quality blockbuster. I can think of a handful of movies that I outright hated and that list is few. The list of movies that I do not care about, on the other hand, is a little bit longer. 

Ava is one of those movies that I do not really care for. I wanted to like it. I really did. I wanted to enjoy it like I enjoyed Salt or Columbiana or Peppermint (now playing on Netflix as well) but I just didn’t. The cast was dope. Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, John Malkovich, Geena Davis, and Common all bless this movie with their star power, and unfortunately, that was not enough. 

Chastain plays an accomplished assassin, Ava, who has major issues with her agency, her family, and herself. I sorta kinda liked her at times. I enjoyed her relationship with Duke, played by Malkovich. There was so much potential then it fell apart when they tried to do too much with a back story that did not really connect. Also, it was pretty darn predictable, really predictable. Colin Farrell as Simon did not do it for me. He was an annoying petulant brat caught in a grown man’s body. Maybe that’s how it was supposed to play but it did not work. 

This film really should have been better. It had all the elements. I loved seeing Geena Davis with her cheeky attitude still being feisty.  I was excited to see Common until I realized he had taken another role punk-ass role. The part where the characters battled their addiction felt genuine but again, overused. The scenes of Ava kicking but though unrealistic as to be expected were the best part. They should have kept more of that for a distraction from how blah the movie was. 


Final answer.


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