All the Way Up

Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up!

I do not always feel the hype. If I am being honest, lately I have felt like I struggle to get through the day. No doubt COVID fatigue is setting in or has already set it. Regardless, I find that I cut myself short of the accomplishments that I have made for the day. I do not give myself credit for getting my butt out of bed and getting to work and handling my affairs for the day. True, I do not always do it with the zest that this life deserves but I have made it through the day.

We do not give ourselves credit enough for getting through. We need to do better. I know life is not perfect or what you hoped it would be. Things right now make be looking bleak. Every day seems to be a new challenge that we have to deal with. Maybe a family member has taken ill or money has fallen short. There will definitely always be something on the horizon to challenge us. Yet, we rise to the occasion. It may not feel like it at the moment but as long as you are breathing and moving and acting, you are rising above your circumstance. You are not giving up. It may not feel great but it is a testament to your resilient spirit. 

Regardless of the difficulties you face, you are facing them. You are still rising. I woke up this morning with a pep in my step and decided to rock out to some hype music. Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s All the way up is my choice for the day. Whatever hype music you need to get you going, pull that up on your playlist and attack your day. Nothing can stop you!


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