When Keeping it real goes wrong: Ayesha Curry

Last week Ayesha Curry posted a bikini picture of herself touting how it took a while to get back into shape after having her babies. She looked fabulous and if it were anyone else, the thirst trap bikini pictures probably would have come and gone without much chit chat. It was not anyone else though. It was Ayesha Curry who in the past has said somethings that made people give her the side-eye.

It seems for certain people, they can be as real as they want, say what the want and people will give them a pass. Ayesha Curry's words have been taken out of context and twisted to be more scandalous than they should have been. When she was sharing moments of personal doubt and insecurity, particularly after having her children, she received backlash because people simply interpreted it as her wanting attention from men other than her husband.
Photo by Thomas Ulrich
You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself. - Unknown

It was more complex than that. In the past, she has also expressed her opinion about modestly dressing as opposed to more provocative wardrobe choices. To paraphrase, her body was for her husband. So now, when she wants to show off the results of her hard work, it is a double whammy and people have opinions about it.

Does she deserve the harsh judgment and backlash? Possibly. However, let us take a moment to go beyond the surface. At different times in our lives, we go through different emotions. We are growing and learning about ourselves. Sometimes we have preconceived notions that we are taught and as we grow we let go of those things or evolve. When you are doing that in the spotlight and everyone expects perfection, it may be difficult for others to accept that we are not that.

Even people like us, who are not in the spotlight, get criticism from people who are watching us. Someone always has an opinion about how we should be, live, and do things. They are looking for kinks in our lives when we are just trying to be honest with ourselves. Do not let them get into your head. We are growing and evolving people. If we let others shape what we are supposed to be, our stress levels will rise even more.

I cannot imagine what it is like to be careful of everything I say. My thoughts are up and down with questions and puzzles and trying to figure this life out that I would not be able to keep up with the tally of what was said when. The focus should not be on external opinions but internal growth, self-love and positive contributions to your community, however, you may define it.


Fmyers1920 said…
I was looking for her picture. Nonetheless, she does no wrong in my eyes.

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