Move Forward, Together

Picture from Huffing Post UK
Australia is not a place I was thinking of visiting anytime soon. It is beautiful and produces some beautiful entertainers, Hemsworth brother are proof of that, but I fear big spiders and fierce kangaroos. Not to mention, that flying there would take me just over 21 hours. I was on a 15-hour flight to Portugal and thought I was going to die. Since it is on my bucket list to visit as many places I can, I figure I will get to it eventually. However, their COVID response is making me think that I need to go visit sooner rather than later.
The way they have taken the challenge to flatten the curve headon and appear to be succeeding is remarkable. Keep in mind that the United States has about 13 times more people than Australia does so the numbers will be higher but the response to this COVID pandemic from Australia is nevertheless outstanding. So much so that I had to dig a little deeper to find out what they were doing to have such remarkable outcomes in such a short time.

Turns out my answer was something that made perfect sense. They unified. It sounds like a  crazy concept in times like these where it does not seem that we Americans can agree on anything at all. The leadership in Australia came together to send out one unified message in order to have members of their community win against Corona's COVID19.

They limited business activities, practice social distancing, and engaged in mass testing. They had a unified bipartisan council that worked with scientists and medical professionals to come up with a plan that they monitored regularly to make sure that it was being put in place and it was working. They worked together to move forward.
Photo by Robert Dychto 
When it is something that can impact your whole community, we are supposed to get past ourselves and come together for the greater good. In a household, if the parties do not agree on a goal and to work towards it, you will waste more time bickering and fussing instead of coming up with a solution. America is not moving forward together. We are all over the place. If anything, we are separating in factions. These factions are bent on working against each other because egos need to prevail. Meanwhile, the whole country is on fire. If one person suffers a needless death no one wins.

As w go about our daily lives, affecting things that we can actually impact, we should remember that we have to work together to get through this. I don't want to helplessly watch people needlessly suffer for any longer than we must. Regardless of what is going on in the nation, we need to start with each other in our own communities by working together. Let us work together so we can move forward, together.


Alicia said…
Leadership starts at the top so it's no wonder why our response to this pandemic is so poor. If you gon argue with the leading expert on the subject then where do you go from there? You right, gotta start bottom up...home, community, etc..
Wanda LiteVi said…
And that is apparent now more than ever with the way the numbers are continuing to sky rocket.

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