Dropping Bombshell News

There are instances when old news comes out at weird, random times. The first thing I wonder is why did the person feel the need to share the information at that particular time.

Azealia Banks who is the wild child of our entertainment industry recently decided to share that she and a very-married Dave Chappel had sex. Black Twitter of course hilariously jumped all over the news. Azealia Banks has historically been mean, insulting, crass, and over the top with her shock value comments. It seems as though she is doing it to stay relevant or she just does not really care about the consequences. It is unfortunate, as I find her to actually be a talented artist. Her talents definitely get overshadowed by her reckless mouth.

The issue here is a potentially huge one for Dave Chappelle as it jeopardizes his marriage, should her claims be taken seriously. It comes at an interesting time for him being that he has been doing well in his career. He is the definition of come back king. However, what I find particularly interesting, is the motive behind dropping bombshell news that can potentially ruin lives.

Do not get me wrong. Dave Chappelle has to deal with the consequences of his actions if what Azealia volunteered is true. Although, if it is, she knew it and decided to willingly enter into this illicit exchange. So why now, do you decide to drop this news?

When people choose to unnecessarily hurt other people it is a reflection of their own pain. It may be a lack of self-respect or self-esteem (at the time) for getting involved in the situation in the first place, followed by a way to lash out. Someone who constantly lashes out at others, causing pain for those around her, is not at peace internally.
All of human unhappiness comes from one single thing: not knowing how to remain at rest in a room. - Blaise Pascal

It takes quite a bit of inner peace to remain at rest in a world that is constantly moving in a chaotic fashion. It requires a level of self-awareness and constant mindfulness. It requires work, heavy lifting of the mind, body and spirit. Careless regard for oneself will vibrate to others and create havoc. That same havoc will bounce right back to you.

Sometimes people purposely intend to be hurtful with the news they spill. Whatever the motive, it is not rooted in a place of kindness, not kindness to oneself nor to the targeted people.


Alicia said…
Like Offset said, Anything for Clout. I can't speak to whether it is true or not but either way it is to get attention. I'm assuming it was (if true) consensual.

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