Chloe X Halle are Doing it

Chloe X Halle stepped up the sexy in their new video for Do it. They are putting out the grown and sexy vibe while keeping it classy. It is no secret that I am a fan of these ladies and have been ever since their Youtube days before they were signed by Beyonce.

Keeping it cute. Oh oh oh. That's just what I do do do. 
And that's just how we do it
I am a fan of their melodic voices and the ability to put their own spin on different musical arrangements. Chloe X Halle have made their own lane and steered away from pandering to what is expected of two young talents commercially. The purist homage to art is to be true to your artistry regardless of outside influences and they have seemed to navigate that world well.

Since I am on my girl power bandwagon, their new song keeps that flow going. When I want to feel good or big myself up, I play a song that speaks to how fly I am or at the very least, should be feeling.
It's a smooth flow that you can play and vibe to. "Good vibes only."


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