Frozen 2

Anna and Elsa reprised by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel (that voice) respectively are back to take us on another extraordinary adventure. Elsa the Snow Queen is unsettled and finds their kingdom in peril. She, Anna and company travel to the enchanted forest to see how they can save the Kingdom of Arendelle.
I really enjoyed Frozen 2 and I was practically forced to go see it. My daughter was dead set on watching it in the theaters and I was trying to get out of it. Nevertheless, I am glad I went. We have since seen it twice and enjoyed it both times.

Anna annoyed me to no end; however, I understand the concern she had for her sister. If it were not for her, I am not sure how they would have moved the story along. I enjoyed the music more in this one than the first one. The acting was so well done. For animated characters, their emotion was so strong that it came through the screen.

The animation itself was so beautiful and the scenery at some shots looked like real life. I enjoyed most of this movie. I appreciated how they compared the different cultures and showcased how important it is to care about one's environment and the impact that it can have.

Froze 2 is definitely worth the watch for adults and children alike.

A- because well Anna lol.


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