A Fall from Grace Review

A Fall From Grace

Tyler Perry has done it again. He put out another hit that is only a hit because people are talking about how awful it is. Netflix still got those views. Let's call A Fall From Grace what it is- a B movie dressed up like an A movie. He has enough money to do the right promotions and make it look like it will be great. Couple that with a built in audience to give it that initial boost and you have a success whether we like it or not.

Personally, I happen to enjoy B movies. My expectations are low. A Fall from Grace was not awful. Sure there were people eating air, an evident lack of basic law knowledge, and blatant plot points that were cringeworthy (just to name a few issues) but the acting was solid. The pacing was well done and cinematography, though not exceptional, was pretty good. Yes, the writing and the directing could have benefited greatly from paying attention to details.

Tyler Perry needs to stop trying to do it all alone. He needs to pick a job and focus on that while letting others focus on their areas of expertise. That is what this film lacked. The ingredients were there but the recipe did not come together.

It gets a C+ from me.

Happy watching. You will have a good laugh.


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