Stress Less Tip 15: Manage the Lows

All we need to make it through this thing called life is all that we have been given. It is easy to forget that when we are caught up in life's daily stressors. Too many times ee get caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves. We take for granted the things we have and the strength we have been giving to get through life's valleys.

When you think about our stress response, our body is wired to automatically get us through the hard times. The stress response does not stop to ask us for your opinions or interpretation of the problem. It just kicks in and does what is necessary to protect you. Imagine that. Imagine that we are equipped to protect ourselves from harm, instinctively.

Where we have to step up is in dealing with the aftermath. Every day, every moment, our bodies are reacting to changes in our lives from the smallest thing to the major catastrophe. What we cannot fail to do is recover. When our body releases stress hormones, and we activate the stress response it is to allow us to deal with that situation. We have to use that energy, and we have to recover.
Image by Gerd Altmann 

My girlfriend and I were discussing the ups and downs of life, and she said that "we have to learn to manage the lows." A simple statement of fact that often goes ignored. We think about managing the problem or situations. We think about managing life. In truth, it is the lows that we really have to manage. The lows are inevitable. The climb out of it can be tricky and arduous. That is what we have to be mindful of. That is what we have to strategize. That is what we have to plan for and manage when our body reacts.

Acute stress does not have to be against us. We can use it to change the trajectory of our lives. First, we have to start with being aware of where we are at, the reactions we are having, and not only where can we go from there but how can we get there using the tools and resources within us, knowing that we have all that we need to not only survive but rise and flourish.
Image by Gerd Altmann 


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