Move with the Flow: Stay Flo by Solange

Music inspires me. Research has shown that music can affect mood, anxiety, stress and overall wellbeing.  I have a "Feel Good" playlist of songs that I know put me in a good mood and I play it whenever I need a little pick me up.

Solange's single Stay Flo is one of the songs that puts me in a relaxed, vibing groove. It inspired me to write my latest cinquain about letting life flow. If we do not learn how to move through the ups and downs of life, we will be bogged down with disappointments instead of working towards moving through time. We cannot get stuck or stay still because we will find that time has moved on without us and we could have made moves.

Stay Flo
come and go, good
times don't seem to last yet
joy's in my spirit, going with 
the flow
by WMT

Check out the Stay Flo Lyrics


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