Bad Boys for Life Trailer

Bad Boys for Life, starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, will be released on January 17, 2019. I was looking forward to seeing this from when they first announced that they were getting back together to reprise their police detective roles.
Bad Boys for Life.
Martin's waves though :)
The full trailer is packed with action, guns, and more action. It is one of those trailers that make me wonder if they just put all of the good parts out and what we will be left to see are the fillers. I absolutely love trailers but I have to say this one did not do it for me. I feel as though the movie is going to be a disappointment, but hoping it is not because, after Gemini Man, Will Smith needs a win. As far as Lawrence, I cannot remember, off the top of my head, the last good movie he was in. Bad Boy for Life's success could not hurt him either. Not that Martin Lawrence is hard up for cash. According to Wealthy Gorilla, he is worth over 100 million dollars. The residuals on Martin must be sick.

Vanessa Hudgens also appears in the trailer, and she looks like she is capable of kicking some ass which I can appreciate because I enjoy her. I like that they are putting some young energy into the mix. Not sure if the the franchise warrants a Bad Boy 4 though. According to IMDB, they are in preproduction. Can it be premature?

Check out the trailer.


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