Where to find Happiness

I never thought that a lot of money or fine clothes--the finer things of life-- would make you happy. My concept of happiness is to be fulfilled in a spiritual sense. - Coretta Scott King
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I was watching a documentary and Allison Mack was on the screen. They were detailing how she fell into a cult that had sex slaves. She was one of the main characters in Smallville, a very popular show in the early 2000s. Mack was saying that she seemed to have everything she ever thought she wanted- a great career, money, friends and etc but was still unfulfilled. Regardless of all these things she felt her self wanting more. In essence, Mack stated that she was not happy.

I do not know that people, in general, give thought to what happiness is and what it means for them to be happy. To do that is to practice a level of mindfulness and we definitely do not do that enough. Life is to be filled with moments of happiness, moments that bring us joy. Happiness is a feeling that ebbs and flows. I think some people confuse it with a state of perpetual being. More importantly, happiness attached to material possessions is shallow and fleeting.

Mack found herself looking for happiness even though she possessed all the things she thought would make her happy. She thought she was learning about how to fulfill herself from this group that turned out to manipulate her vulnerability and her need for belonging. It is a person's desire to belong that cults and gangs take advantage of.

It is never too late to evaluate one's own self and start down the path of mindfulness living. One of the most powerful tools at our disposal is the sense of connection. Knowing that you are part of a larger foundation that you can tap into that allows a person to be more confident and secure. People fill this need with spirituality, family, friends, and/or meaningful work or organizations.

If you feel materials things will bring you happiness, then start by restructuring your thinking. Analyze why you feel that way and what it is you are truly seeking by amassing things. You will find that it may be acceptance. Lastly, if you are seeking acceptance due to self-doubt, step outside of yourself and give back to your community or someone in need. Practice kindness and see how you will grow.

Happiness does not come from things or outside sources. You have to be in a state of self-love to receive and enjoy the happiness gained from real-life experiences.


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