Feeling Stressed? Take Time for Yourself

fragments of my
overwrought emotions
escape my control until I
take time

Overthinking things seems to be my specialty. Overthinking inevitably leads to worry and worry leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to stress. In other words, I am a stress magnet, inviting unnecessary stress into my life on a regular basis. If I did not actively combat my thoughts of worry, I would certainly be a walking trainwreck.

I know I am not the only one. Chronic stress is a plague on not only the US but globally as well. How can we have an impact on the amount of chronic stress that we have to deal with? We start by better handling acute stress. Acute stress is the day to day stress. Acute stress is life. The goal is not to do away with stress altogether. That is not at all realistic because any change that we have to adjust to causes a potential for stress. Therefore, we have to work on how we use the energy from that acute stress.

In order to first use that nervous, stressful energy for good we have to get our minds in a place that allows us to be receptive to the good vibes around us. Do not ignore that the smalled shift in your mindset can have a great impact. Before, you continue in the cycle of worry, anxiety and stress pause and take ten.

Take Five
  1. Stop, breathe and shift your thoughts towards gratitude. Start a deep breathing exercise and a mantra of gratitude in which you are simply grateful for breath and the ability to fill your lungs with air and invigorate your cells with oxygen. 
  2. Think about five things, people, or activities that bring you joy.
  3. Do ten deep breathing cycles (inspiration and exhalation) while focusing on those five things. 
  4. End with a self-affirming mantra. 
  5. Stretch it out and conquer your day


Unknown said…
I live this. I will be taking 5 daily from now on. Thank you!

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