Do Not Stress: Life Goes On

Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee. - Michel De Montaigne

Ever find yourself stressing about everything under the sun and that in turn causes you to be immobilized. Sometimes people will try to help and they tell you that, "life goes on" as if you just have to deal with it. It's almost as if they have nothing left to say. I can appreciate why they say it even if it is not at the right time. Life-goes-on basically sums everything up, whether good, bad or indifferent. What can one really say in response to, "Life goes on?"

There is nothing to say as a good rebuttal to the statement life goes on, and while it may very true, it can also be infuriating. Life goes not is like a double-edged sword in that if you are living it should force you into action and if you have lost a loved one, it at times seems hurtful to move on. That is why I love the selected quote. It emphasizes living in the moment because everything else is beyond our control. Life will go on whether we stay stuck or live on with it, in it.

Regardless of our feelings, regardless of the manner in which it was either said to us or revealed to us, it is meant to propel us forward. There are times when we get stuck. Stuck in pain, stuck in self-doubt, stuck in self-loathing, stuck in our own heads and stuck in negativity. We can get so stuck that it seems as though we will never get out of it. Not realizing that we are now in a vicious cycle of a thought pattern that will not allow us to move forward.

When we get stuck, we need a jolt or a smack upside the head. Life goes on is meant to be that jolt.  Our mind and body, crave comfort. Comfort is equilibrium. We are made to maintain balance. If it feels comfortable then we are at a sweet spot. Believe it or not, negativity can feel comfortable to us. Being stuck in that cycle is accepted in our minds because we are familiar with it. We are not required to rise up to the challenge of overcoming those thoughts and moving from that place. That will take work on our part, which will take us to a new place that may be unsettling at first.

Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of staying in that stuck place. Life is not about staying stuck. Life goes on and it will go on without you. Life will leave you behind. The people that you are comfortable with now will leave you behind. They will evolve and grow as should you.

Do not spend time stressing about your situation while not doing anything to change it. Do not let the good energy of your acute stress fester and linger and eventually grow into chronic stress. Remember that life goes on and you must go on with it. Remember that regardless of what you are feeling now, it will not last and more importantly you have the power withing to change it. You have the power to adjust and change and grow and move forward. You do not have to be a pawn to stress when you can rule your life like a queen. Life goes on should be one of your mantras. Life goes on and you will too!


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