Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show

Rihanna has got fashion houses rethinking their whole lives right now. Her Savage X Fenty Show premiered on Amazon Prime this weekend and it is pure fire! Not only is the show unique in how it displays fashion and the models she is using, but the show also displays the versatility of her line at the same time.

I cannot imagine one thing that I cannot do in the selection of lingerie the dancers and models are wearing. The way they are working it, I can probably complete a triathlon in that lingerie at it will still hold up. Rihanna is turning the fashion and makeup world upside down, and I am so here for it.
I loved everything about her show. I especially loved that she had all types of models and dancers, but when my girl Normani came out, I was undone! I have been rooting for her ever since Simon Cowell first put Fifth Harmony together on that show. I would have loved for her to perform instead but she absolutely killed her set regardless.

I have read that some could have done without the rappers but I loved that too. Firstly, all of the hits were particularly appropriate, signifying high intensity and confidence. The energy was hype and sliced in at the right time to offer exciting transitions. Lastly, the plain white set was the perfect backdrop the contrast against the colors and diversity of the dancers and models. The complicated geometry of the set worked well in that it was functional but also served as a parallel to the distinctiveness of the group Rihanna that was able to bring together.

Bottom line, it is a fun show. The marketing angle is on point because I sure did hop on over to the website to price check some of the designs I saw. The show and Rihanna’s success is a testament to stay true to yourself but before you can do that, you have to know yourself and safeguard your dreams and aspirations. Rihanna has received a lot of criticism for her style and approach to life in the past, but it seems that she has taken her personality and approach to life into the business world and it is working for her. Only someone with a strong sense of self can manage to position herself to acclaim this level of success outside of her musical career.

Stay true to self and do not be deterred.


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