Otherhood with Angela Bassett

Otherhood with Angela Bassett led me to Further by Correatown and I am fairly certain that I am not the only one. I'm so mad at myself that I did not know about this song eight years ago when it first came out. I probably was not in the appropriate place to receive it but I receive it now.

Otherhood is a Netflix movie starring Angela Bassett, Felicity Huffman (currently is a bit of drama for some really poor privileged choices, but I digress)  and Patricia Arquette as mothers who are being ignored by their adult sons. They decide to do a surprise visit on their kids and the fun ensues.

It is a cute movie. Maybe I related to it a bit because I anticipate that will be my case with my son. He does a really good job of ignoring me now except when he needs something of course. I am hoping the teenager boy bug will fade away as he grows into adulthood. Unfortunately, for Carol (Angela Bassett), Helen (Felicity Huffman), and Gillian (Patricia Arquette) their son's were waist-deep in the ignore-mommy phase.

It is definitely a Netflix watch. There are some cute/funny moments. Ultimately, the message is to discover yourself before it's too late. Sometimes us moms get really absorbed and involved in our children's lives and then when they are on their own we are left wondering what to do with ourselves. I cannot stress self-care enough. We have to be sure we carve out a little time for our own interests.

Otherhood is a solid C movie ... I know, even with Angela Bassett.

But that song! I must have listened to is 100 times or more by now. Something about the melody just makes me feel good and the lyrics really do hit home. It reminds me to take care of myself and my emotions which is why, in my opinion, it went well with the movie. It reminds me to not only take care of myself but to check my emotions, take a look at where I am investing them. I do have so much love that I am ready and willing to give but I also need it back. It reminds me to pay attention to where I am directing my energy and check myself if need be. It also just makes me smile at the same time. What a wonderful combination. That is a lot of therapy in one song.

We go further.

Check out the trailer and watch it on Netflix if you are looking for something light to pass the time. I do love a happy ending.


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