Lizzo I love you Concert Tour

Lizzo I love you Concert Tour

I had the wonderful privilege of attending Lizzo’s “I Love you” concert and it was absolutely freaking phenomenal. I love you is 1000% the best name for the tour. She is unapologetically raw. She radiates self-confidence and self-love. Whether or not it is a front, does not even matter to me. I say this because ultimately, we never know what a person is going through when the lights go out and the mind starts churning. Artists are especially hard on themselves and oftentimes suffer from self-doubt because they are critical of not only their craft but also their ability. I imagine this is what allows them to strive for perfection. 

Regardless of what is going on inside that creative mind of hers, I love how Lizzo gives the most positive, radiant self-love vibe. She sang her heart out and left her lungs on that stage. Her energy and that of her dancers was off the chart. I was exhausted and my voice was hoarse afterward. I came home and fell out. If you want some self-love therapy, find yourself at a Lizzo concert. If you cannot do that then throw her album on and rock out. Let her words penetrate your mind and your soul because if anything else you deserve to love yourself and allow yourself to enjoy precious moments in life.

Get on a Lizzo frequency.

Lizzo’s “I Love You” concert tour gets a solid A from me because I enjoyed myself so much and just forgot about all of my issues for that hour and a half. Oh and I also enjoyed her opening act, Ari Lennox. Both ladies sang with beautiful and powerful voices. 

Here are some of my pics. I already know they aren't the best pictures lol but I was there dagnabit!




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