Embrace this Moment

photo by Dawid Zawila

the gentle kiss 
of the wind, reminding 
us that in stark stillness remains 
life’s breath

We can easily invite unnecessary stress into our lives by worrying and overthinking certain details. There are times that a person can be dealing with a stressful situation and she allows it to consume her entire being. It is so easy to unwittingly find ourselves caught in the cycle of stress. It is in those moments that we need to step back and appreciate the smaller things. It is in those moments that I encourage you to stop and breathe. 

It’s not just about the breath. I want you to take that moment and think of the smallest things that we take for granted like your feet for example. Most importantly, I want you to remember in that moment that you are alive and can feel and can take action. Think of nothing else but your potential. Just breathe and be thankful or just be. 

At some point, you should write down all the things that you are thankful for and have it handy to reference when needed. Embrace not only life at the moment but embrace yourself for living it. 


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