Don't Catch Misery

Don’t Catch Misery

Miserable people want to spread their misery. Don’t catch that shit. It is really like a disease that craves to attach itself to unsuspecting innocents. Sometimes the carriers are not even aware of their infection. These people live in this negative, ugly space and when they talk the message is usually gloom and doom.
Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
There is a difference between a negative person by personality and a person who finds themselves in such a stressful situation that all they can do is focus on the frustrating aspects of their life. Both can change but both will take hard work. The former has to be willing to look deep within himself and assess where this pessimism is rooted. The latter has to really step back and look at her current situation, how she got there, and what she can do to change it, all while making an active effort to be grateful and observe the good that remains in her life.

While these folks are working through their issues, they can still affect the frequency the people around them. Do not allow your good vibrations to be altered by their ongoing negative emotions or words. Continue to be affirming and uplifting. Continue to see the way things can be done instead of all the ways that it cannot be done. Continue to strive for improvement instead of complaining about all the reasons why something is wrong.

People always say to remove yourself from that person but sometimes that is not always realistic. What if it is a person we love, and we would like to provide support? I understand that. However, please be mindful of your own energy and guard it well. Pay attention to your words when you interact with that person. Meditate or pray before and after the exchange. This will help you rebalance yourself and your mind.


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