Quiet Your Mind

A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear. - Unknown

Quieting the mind can be the hardest thing for a person to do, especially if they are used to being on the go. Even when she sits for a few minutes, she is already thinking about all the things she has to do when she gets up, making mental lists and plans. How do we going about quieting the mind?

It is not something that we can hop into if we haven't practiced it. Meditation is the path to that. Even if we start with five minutes at a time, it is a start. We have to teach ourselves to take time for ourselves in the form of not only sitting still but slowing down the ruckus that goes on in our mind. Start with a one-two count of your breathing and focus on your breath. Listen to that. As thoughts come in acknowledge them and then get back to one-two breathing.

Breathing brings clarity. Solitude and stillness brings peace. Peace brings self-confidence. You are worth your peace of mind so that you can go back out and tackle life!


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