Stress Less Tip 7: Work Through the Stress with Music

I, like I imagine a lot of other people do, use music to help me through all types of situations in life. Music is just one artistic avenue that we can use to help us heal an cope with life's up and downs.

This song Lovely by Billie Eilish ft. Khalid is one of those songs that resonates with my spirit. First of all the melody lulls me into a very peaceful and comfortable place. The lyrics, on the other hand, are anything but. For me, they tell of a struggle, a fight in which the person is not letting herself lose. No matter how tough it may be or how long it takes, she is not giving up.

From one perspective it can seem depressing but I choose to see where she still believes in herself enough not to give up. And that she also has an understanding that this is just a moment that she will get through. However, there a times when we have to go through it. I honestly do not know what is meant by "welcome home" but I interpret it as life has its ups and downs and when we are down we have to work through it in order to be reborn into something better.

"But I know someday I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near
Wanna feel alive, outside I can fight my fear

Isn't it lovely, all alone?
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin and bone
Hello, welcome home"

I posted the lyric video instead of the actual one because we can interpret it as we feel for ourselves and assign greater meaning as we see fit. Enjoy. It is a lovely šŸ˜€ song with powerful lyrics.


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