We're Made for Now

"If you're livin' for the moment
Don't stop, try to celebrate the feelin'" - Janet Jackson
Better yet, try to remember that feeling so you can bring it up the next time life is stressing you out. I find that I stress most is when I spend time worrying about the future. I plan out things in my mind that has not even happened yet, then stress about the possibility of those things happening and spend hours thinking about what I am going to do if they actually things happen. It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

It has become so cliche to say live in the moment because we hear it so much. Maybe we keep hearing it because we do not take heed to this advice. If we realized how silly it is to worry ourselves over what may happen, we could focus on the now. Focus on the things we can actually have an effect on like how we are feeling right now.

Sometimes all we have to do is stop our brains for making up scenarios to worry about and be thankful for the things we have in our lives that are good.

We really are made for now. I love this music video because it is fun and showcases a little bit of Janet's dancing skills. It is like she tried to capture the magic of "All Night" which cannot be done but it was a nice, enjoyable effort.


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