How Can I Help and New Amsterdam Shade

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A simple question can go a long way to help someone feel as though they are a part of something more. When you offer assistance, you may be giving relieving someone of angst and pressure that you know nothing about.

How can I help? Was the theme of the new NBC pilot New Amsterdam. I had to take some time to check this one out. It is another medical drama which I cannot seem to get enough that centers around a New York public hospital. The main character is Dr. Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold, who I have an affinity for because he played Tom Keen in  The Blacklist. I really liked Tom Keen. 

There were a lot of really good moments in this debut but the aspect that stood out for me was the outpouring of kindness towards others that made the difference. Goodwin made changes by listening to what his staff wanted and helping. When he asked how can I help, he meant it. If we ask the question we have to be prepared to answer with action and a genuine approach otherwise do not bother asking at all.

I will definitely tune in again. However, I do have one bone to pick. I want to know which writer thought it was a good idea to have the Black doctor highlight how he did not want to date the emergency room doctor because she was white? Who thought it was a good idea to have him go on posturing about how he wants Black babies and had a vision for himself and how he wants a Black family when you already know they are going to have him swirl anyway. Listen, sisters, unfortunately, are not surprised when television promotes the swirl especially with a successful Black man and White woman. We have become unbothered especially when we are confident about who we are and loving every bit of our Blackness. But to make it a point to discuss what some Black women may feel and then trivialize all that by ultimately having the brother, seriously date the White doctor (to be seen but we all know it is coming) is a blatant slap in the face. It is a petty setup and dusting around some shade. Additionally, it further promotes the idea that Black men cannot resist the temptation of the White woman, even those that claim to want Black love. Really, New Amsterdam? On this one, the writers should have simply done what every other show does and do you and keep it moving without the added dialogue. Besides that little detractor, it was a really good first episode and I end with this, do not underestimate the power of kindness. Do not underestimate the power of offering your assistance, no matter how small.

How can I help? Of course, you can message me for more information on stress management and schedule a consultation. 

Peace and presence.


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