Be More Today

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Sometimes we can just be. Be in the moment. Be present. Breathe in the breath of life while listening to our hearts. Taking that time is more than okay. Keep in mind that there are other times we have to step outside of ourselves and be more than we were yesterday.

Some days we need to reach down deep and pull out courage, strength and perseverance to push through whatever tries to hold us back. We gotta do more, move more, talk more, and give more to move ourselves to the next level or even just to get things done.

This is that day. Every day is the day when we have the opportunity to make a choice to do things differently. Today is the day for us to take a chance. Today we can push ourselves to take an extra step towards more love, goodness, joy, peace, and grace.

Knowing and accepting that life ebbs and flows, so what will be needed from also will also increase and decrease as the situation calls for can assist with preparing us to handle the ups and downs. The more prepared we are the more equipped we will be to utilize and channel stress energy.


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