Jumanji with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson

Jumanji starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black has been out for over a month and has so far grossed over 750 million dollars. 

I enjoyed Kevin Hart and Jack Black the most. Dwayne Johnson was good in his character but not really a stand out. I enjoyed the story line and that the characters had some depth to them which without it would have made the movie less interesting. Spencer, played by the Rock was the best written character. He showed the most growth while not being obnoxious and staying true to the essence of himself. Fortunately, I do not have anything bad to say about the film except that my niece was not a fan because she found it to be a little too hokey. 

The film seemed to have just the right amount of comic relief and intent mixed with just the right amount of action and explanation that did not leave me wanting to make a bathroom run. I liked how they tied it into the original Jumanji as well. This was just a fun time. The action sequences where well done, the cinematography wad nicely put together as well. I definitely think the villain might have been a little too hokey but overall Jumanji was fun. 

Lesson Learned: It's okay to grow and challenge yourself but also remember to stay true to who you are.

Jumanji: B go watch with the kids.

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