Cloverfield Paradox

Netflix pulled a Beyonce last night and without any promotions, prior marketing or fanfare dropped a movie. The latest installment of JJ Abram's Cloverfield franchise, Cloverfield Paradox.
This latest science fiction foray into JJ Abrams' twisted world stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ava Hamilton, David Oyelowo as Kiel, Daniel Brühl as Schmidt, John Ortiz as Monk Acosta, Chris O'Dowd as Mundy, Zhang Ziyi as Tam, and Elizabeth Debicki as Mina Jensen.

Do you have to watch the previous two installments to understand Cloverfield Paradox? No, not really. However, I definitely recommend you watch the first one. The second one was really a look into human behavior and resilience but it is not at all necessary to watch. Instead focus on watching Cloverfield; it will be more impactful to know what was going happening on the planet while the space crew was dealing with their issues. It definitely adds more to the intrigue, mystery, and suspense of it all.

Things I loved:

  • Just about everything. 
  • The diverse group of actors were phenomenal in their portrayals. There was simplicity, yet raw emotion that was brought out by the complexity of the situation. 
  • I loved the fact that the lead was a strong woman of color with a nuclear family intact and supportive. One time for Black love. The last time I remember a Black female lead in a science fiction move was Sanaa Latham in one of the Alien vs Predator installments. She made it till the end :) lol. 
  • The intensity of the story. Like I said, heightened because I watched the first Cloverfield. 
  • The special effects ... I can go on. 

The things I did not like:
I am glad to say that I enjoyed every bit of it. Like true Abrams fashion, there were more questions but it did come full circle. I understand now how the "aliens" got to earth.

I am biased because I have been a fan of the Cloverfield franchise for the past 10 years. I am pleasantly suprised by this latest one because I was not crazy about 10 Cloverfield Lane, so Cloverfield Paradox is definitely a treat. With that being said, it gets a solid A from me.


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