Your Kisses are Worthy

All These Kisses by Tammy Rivera makes me feel special. You ever listen to a song that takes you back to a special time in life or makes you want to create a special time?

Day so hard, so much stress
Life won't let up, boy just rest
Lay down and let me cover you in all these kisses
So much on your mind it weighs on your head
But baby your worry free in this bed
Go head and let me cover you in all these kisses
- All These Kisses, Tammy Rivera

It is a super sexy song but it give a little more. If you haven't taken the time to pamper your special someone and help them out through some rough times then make a plan to do just that. You do not have to wait till Valentine's Day to do so either. Make each other feel special. That is what this song inspires. Be the haven where they can let go of their stress. 

Ladies and gentlemen, your kisses are priceless. Your affection, your love, your attention are the things that give others strength and support. With those things, you can be the safe place for your loved ones, family and friends. I know this song is sexual but I want to be clear that the value of our love goes beyond the bedroom. The problem is that we undervalue this love just as much as we undervalue ourselves. We take it for granted in ourselves and therefore allow others to take advantage of us. If  we and our love is not well received then spend some time loving ourselves and the family and friends who understand how special it is to have you in their lives.


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