Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I really did not have any intention of seeing this movie or doing a review; however, I happen to have the opportunity to watch it and was pleasantly surprised. I am a fan of the original Lucas driven Star Wars series. I eagerly went to see the Stars Wars: The Force Awakens and left the theater wanting which is why when The Last Jedi came out, I was not at all eager to go see it.

I am glad that I did. I enjoyed it so much more than The Force Awakens. The special effects, fighting sequences, acting and comedic elements were all there and on point. I think the difference between The Last Jedi and The Force is that I was more invested in the characters. There was more of a baseline to go from and the plot was better/ more cleverly crafted than the Force Awakens. There were some plot points that I thought could have went differently, particularly with Luke but overall, I enjoyed it a lot more than the Force Awakens.

My kids went to see it and they did not enjoy it as much. I think my daughter could have passed because she had her heart set on Pitch Perfect 3 and my son thought it was okay. Then again, they were never really that into the whole franchise.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi redeemed the franchise since Disney came on board in my opinion. Take away is again to never ever give up even when all the odds are stacked against you. At the end of this movie the resistance is tattered and beat down but victorious none the less. In the film there was a group of people that seemed oblivious to the righting the wrongs being perpetuated by the dark side or they did not really care and decided to carve their own fortune within the disaster. In comparing to real life there are a lot of people that decide to carry on ignoring injustices and even taking advantage of it, but those people will reap the negativity of their actions. Fighting for what is right should never stop.

Things I loved:
-Luke because he redeemed himself
-Leia because ... well she's the bomb
- Finn because his character was consistent
-Kylo Ren because I believed his conflict this time. I understood is character more and enjoyed how he portrayed the roll. He still a punk ass though lol.
-Yoda because he can do no wrong in my eyes ... lol
-Supreme Leader Snoke because who doesn't love a good, arrogant villain and he was played by Smeigal lol. That was a bonus.

Things I did not love:
-Rey because she was necessary. I did not hate her or find her as annoying like I did the last one but I see her as a plot point a character to move the story along. Ridley's acting was great though.
-Luke because he was quite annoying.
-Finn because although he stayed true to character, I would have thought he would have expanded beyond I will die for Rey.
- Tom Hardy and Lupita Nyong'o were in the movie? I did not notice and that sucked.

All in all. Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets a B.


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