How to Leave Work Stress at Work

Working and being productive is a very important aspect of our lives. It is the way most of use make a living that in turn supports our lifestyle and keeps a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. Keeping a job helps us to meet out daily needs and therefore keep our stress levels down because we do not have to worry too much about maintaining our basic needs. Work also helps with our self-esteem and self confidence. We feel that we are being productive and contributing to the world around us.

Work, as satisfying as it can be, can also be a cause of stress. This article, Leaving Work Stress at Work gives some quick tips on how to deal with work stress when we are away from work.

- Create a productive and safe work environment
- Listen to music on the way home
- Listen to an audio book or something that makes you happy
- Take the long way home and avoid rush hour traffice. No need to rush.
- Stop thinking about work and focus on anything that keeps you in the present moment

In addition to the aforementioned, go back to basics. Remember to breathe out the negativity. Take 3 nice mind clearing breath cylces. Be mindful and commit to not talking about the parts of work that stress you out. Instead think about the things you have accomplished in the day. Leave unfinished tasks for the next day and do not focus on them. I will reiterate the playing good music on the way home.


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