The Foreign Exchange - Shelter

Shelter is the first track in a compilation album put together by Foreign Exchange. It is a smooth jazzy collection of various artist and definitely worth the time to listen. It definitely has the potential to put you in a nice, relaxed vibe.

When you think you've had enough but it just ain't adding it up. I will keep you safe inside. Shelter from the rising tide - Foreign Exchange, Shelter

I think we all want that person or place that can provide us with shelter from the daily struggles of the world. These are the people that make the struggle worth it. The loved ones that you work for, that you can laugh with and cry with. The people close to us that help us decompress. The person that you call when you have news or want to vent. This is our shelter. They are our safe place. We all need that. It helps build out stress resilience and overall coping skills. It is necessary to find shelter.

Listen to Hide and Seek compiled by The Foreign Exchange on Youtube


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