Good Friends are Key

I get by with a little help from my friends. - John Lennon

Tyrese Gibson is having a public melt down. I am not going to post the video but if you do a search, you will easily find several postings of it. It seems that he has been having a slow melt down for quite some time now and it is a serious testament to the importance of having a support system and taking care of our selves and well being. 

People have been commenting about why is a grown man crying. Please there should be nothing wrong with this. Men need to release their emotions as well. He is going through a tough time and cannot keep it bottled in. I think the main issue is why is he doing it all over social media. I understand that he is in the public eye and has been going back an forth with his fans and enemies in this arena for a while; however, in his time of need (whether self induced or not) he turns to the cold, brutal place of social media? 

Where are his friends? We need those people that we can trust to get us through the hard times in life. We need people in our lives that we can rely on to be  honest with us. We need people in our lives that we can rely on to listen to us and be a shelter for support. Friends assist in building our stress resilience so that when we fall into a crisis situation we can step back and know that we have people to go to. Building stress resilience is important to get us through those tough situations in life as Tyrese Gibson is now going through. 

I hope he gets the resolution and help that he needs. I hope his friends and family come through for him. There is nothing wrong with showing vulnerability but sometimes it does not need to be shown to the world via social media.


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