Be Faithful to You

Be faithful to that which exists within yourself. - Andre Gide

Faithfulness to You
living soul that you are
all that is miraculous lies 
-Wanda M. Toby

Too often we are told, not overtly but through images and media messages, that we are not good enough and we are subhumans, thugs, hood rats, trash, ghetto, and criminals. If by some happenstance our success is noticed then we are an anomaly and not the norm which is insane to me. We are survivors. We thrive. We rise. We conquer or hardships. If our existence annoys anyone, then fine, we live to annoy but we live. We push through. However, I want us to do more than that. I want us to achieve and grow and become our own marvelous dynasties. 

In order to prosper for not only ourselves but each other as a community, we have to know that we are beyond beautiful. We have to know that we are beyond creative and strong and innovative. We have to know that we were made with all that we need inside of us to be more, do more and most importantly be better for our people, society and environment. Understand that if we harness the power within, we will not have to conform. We can be like our ancient ancestors and lead. Greed, destruction and selfishness does not have to be our way too. Our way is community and somehow we forgot about that. What we have to know and get back to is that greatness that lies within ourselves.  Acknowledge it, commit to accessing it and then come together to harness it. That is who we are.  


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