What does Your Presence Say about You?

What does your presence say about you?
Your presence should be a beacon of joy and light or calm. When I worked in the hospital emergency department, I would always check the staffing list to see who I was working with that day. If had to spend the next 12 to 13 hours with a team, I needed to know that  we will get along, work well together, get the job done and have fun. I had to mentally prepare myself if I got stuck with someone who did not contribute to that plan. There were certain individuals that everyone would avoid because working with them proved to be extremely difficult and unpleasant. Their presence convinced us that this was not a person you wanted around.

The affect that we can have by those around us can be lasting and phenomenal. We can inspire people to be better or do more. Be mindful on the message you are sending out. Be mindful of the life you are living. What is your presence saying about you? Do you bring joy are do people roll their eyes when they see  you coming? Be present but be kind, loving, joyful, strong, confident, and helpful but most of all be your self.


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