Share Your Authentic Self

The authentic self is the soul made visible. -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Keep it real. People always want others to keep it real i.e. be true, be authentic, be real. There is nothing that I appreciate more than someone being his/her authentic self. It is about honesty and being upfront. Is it not better to know what and who you are really dealing with? If I know who a person really I then I know how to interact with them accordingly or not to interact with them at all. This is important in keeping your life drama free and clear of negative energy. It is important in knowing how to deal with coworkers and acquaintances.

Being your authentic self is even more important when dealing with ... yourself. I find that people are not honest with themselves enough. If you do not know where you are how can you plan to become better. If you ignore your shortcomings you cannot change them. This is so important for personal growth. Knowing who you truly are allows you to be aware of how you can handle things in life. Knowing how you cope with life's difficulties is the way that you can help deal with stress. Being your authentic self is an overall step to better holistic well being if you take action.

Being authentic is a great place to start in the journey of better health, well being and less stress.


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