Create a Stress Free Zone

You are now entering a stress free zone.

I am working on creating a stress free zone in my home and in my mind. When I think about what a stress free zone means to me, it is a place where I let go of all worries. It is a place where I decide to have fun, laugh, smile, love myself. It is a space that when I step into it, I make an effort to leave the drama, stressful thoughts, negative behind.

I have not given much thought to creating an actual space in my home or my mind. I usually talk about it but now I am planning to make it reality. I will have to take a picture of this spot when I am done. Usually people and myself included have state that there bedroom is that stress free zone but yet they bring negativity in that space. In reality your home should be the place that shields you from that bad of the outside world but I know for a fact that my home is sometimes the cause as well. Creating a space that you are allowed to leave the stress behind is key to re-balancing yourself. It should not only trigger your to leave the stress behind but also to be silly. It is okay to be silly.

My physical stress free zone will be for myself and my kids. In this zone we will not get angry, we will laugh and smile, we will place, we will not yell or fight with each other and we will relax. Now as far as the mental one ... that is a matter of focused meditation. I will have to work on that one and come back to it. Mental stress free zone is a work in progress LOL.

Join me in making  a stress free zone. If you already have one, comment with a pic.


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