Be your Guru because Tony Robbins is Not Your Guru

I am Not Your Guru is a intimate look at Tony Robbins in action. It is now playing on Netflix. Recently, I have been more and more interested in watching documentaries on Youtube, Netflix and Amazon. Believe me, I can watch them better than I can read them and this is coming from someone who loves to read.

While searching from something interesting to watch and avoiding TIME: The Kalief Browder Story because my heart and soul cannot bear that heartbreaking story, I stumbled upon I am Not Your Guru. I am a fan of come ups so I decided to watch it. First off, I did not realize that Tony Robbins had such a potty mouth. I like it LOL. It too have a potty mouth but I would not go around cursing people out like he does. I may throw in some shits here and there though.

The potty mouth revelation was the only thing that I liked about the self-help display. I did not make it to the end of the program. I could not. I am not at all hating on his success but as a medical professional and someone who lost a loved one to suicide, there was some disturbing aspects to me. Also as a disclaimer, I am not a fan of bearing my soul to a room full of people and then getting hugged up from essential strangers.

I thought to myself that some of these people need professional help from qualified, licensed therapists. Maybe that's my training snob coming out. I thought paying thousands of dollars for a weekend pep rally was over the top. I also felt like the set up was very close to those psychic medium tours. You know the ones where they gather information about you then call you out and connect to a deceased family member in the spirit world and help get closure on an issue. I thought to myself that spending this much money on this pow wow was clearly some White people stuff (no offense wypipo but come on lol).

The whole thing was a little disturbing but I guess I cannot knock his hustle even though I am sort of knocking his hustle. Nevertheless, he seems genuinely interested and committed to helping people with thousands of dollars to spend on his brand of break through.

I will end with this by emphasizing for us to be our own guru. Taking the first step to get help in whatever capacity is taking control. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to seek help for what ever you are going through. Talk to someone. Do not ignore your feeling. Do not ignore yourself, your health, your well being or your family. There is help out there for what ever you are going through. You are worthy the effort. You are worth the time. You are worthy to fight for yourself no matter what you are going through.


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